Our Planters are a TIMELESS CLASSIC!

Constructed of quality Western Red Cedar, which is harvested from sustainable Canadian forests. Proudly assembled in Lancaster PA, USA with tongue and groove construction and a no-rot recycled plastic bottom to ensure long life of the planters. There is no need for a liner since the planters tighten and expand naturally when filled with dirt and water. Western Red Cedar weathers naturally, staining or painting isn’t required to maintain longevity, however staining or painting is easy if your customers desire a different look.

These planters are perfect for every type of garden. Plant flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Use them to create a focal point in any landscape. Also perfect for townhouse or apartment patio gardens.

Our Stained Barrels are made of White Pine using the same tongue and groove construction and no-rot recycled plastic bottoms as our cedar planters.

The stained fashion planters and elevated beds are constructed of 5/8” exterior grade plywood and have a plastic no-rot bottom.

Susquehanna Garden Concepts has adopted an environmentally focused business plan by designing product that utilizes wood generated from Canadian saw mills Wood Recovery Program, limiting waste from these mills. SGC’s plastic planter bottoms are made of recycled plastic that may otherwise end up in our landfills. In addition, 100% of the saw dust we generate is used by local farmers.

We have chosen to operate in this environmentally conscious way because we are concerned about the environment and the effect our processes have on the lives of those around us.

Can I purchase directly from Susquehanna Garden Concepts

No, SGS does not sell direct to consumers. Our products can be found at Garden Centers, Nurseries, Hardware Stores and Independent Retailers.

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What type of wood does SGC use to produce the planters?

SGC uses Western Red Cedar harvested from sustained forests in Canada.

Should I stain my cedar planter?

Staining Western Red Cedar is not necessary. Your planter will age naturally changing colors through the process until a natural grey color is reached. However, Western Red Cedar will accept stain or paint if you should choose to apply it.

What should I line my SGC planters with before adding soil & plants?

No liner is necessary. Planters are constructed using the tongue & groove construction, and a plastic bottom. The T&G construction allows the wood to naturally tighten as soil and water are added to create a natural seal. Our trade marked plastic bottoms provide a No Rot, strong bottom for years of life for your planter.

Why do the bands on my planter go from tight to loose?

Western Red Cedar shrinks and expands as atmospheric conditions change. If the bands on your planter get loose, simply apply water to the planter and the wood will naturally expand back to its original dimension and the bands will once again be tight on the planter. It may take several applications of water for the planter to return to original size depending on how dry the wood has become. Keeping soil in your planter year round helps the amount of shrinking/expanding that will naturally occur.